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All the materials used within a Birthrate Plus(R) Workforce Planning study are included in;


Ball J.A. & Washbrook M; 1996 Birthrate Plus; A Framework for Workforce Planning and Decision Making for Midwifery Services. Books for Midwives Press/ Elsevier Press.

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A New Version Of The Intrapartum Acuity Tool

With excellent contribution from some of our experienced users, we have made significant improvements to the I/P Acuity Tool to give more detailed analyses of the results obtained from the simple data entry on a 2 or 4 hourly bases throughout the 24 hours. The information, presented in tables and graphs, will enable you to know the cause of having too few midwives for the acuity and what action(s) were taken to resolve the situation. Also the data will highlight if there are certain periods in the day/night and days of the week when the acuity is often above the available number of midwives. A ‘traffic light’ system will notify your Escalation Policy.

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RATIOS For Midwifery Workforce Planning at National, SHA and Local Level

Introduction and overview

In recent years there has been increasing need to produce some basis for recommending ratios of births per w.t.e. midwife to enable large-scale workforce planning based upon projected annual hospital and home births.

In 2007 we first offered differentiated ratios linked to different levels of service; details of which follow,  and we can provide different options for workforce planning using these ratios together with local information. .........please see separate section on different options for workforce assessment. 

Birthrate Plus® has made a number of contribution to large scale planning by drawing on it's data gathered from detailed workforce planning studies in maternity services across the United Kingdom.