Ongoing Development & Implementation into Maternity Services & Copyright Issues

Birthrate Plus® (BR+) has developed a tool for midwives to assess their “real time” workload in the delivery suite arising from the numbers of women needing care, and their condition on admission and during the processes of labour and delivery.

This is termed a measure of “Acuity” and an outline of the method is given below.

The system is based upon an adaptation of the same clinical indicators for intrapartum care used in the well established workforce planning system Birthrate Plus®.

The scoring has been changed to enable the BR+ classification system to become a predictive/prospective tool rather than the retrospective assessment of process and outcome of labour used in Birthrate Plus®. An hour by hour assessment can be produced of the numbers of midwives needed in the delivery suite to meet the needs of the women, based on the minimum standard of one to one care for all clients and increased ratios of midwife time for women in the higher need categories. This provides an assessment on admission of where a woman fits within the BR+ Categories I –V and alerts midwives when events during labour move her into a higher category and increased need of midwife support

The acuity system also provides a means of:

  • classifying other women admitted to the delivery suite but who do not give birth at that time
  • allocating ratios of midwife time required for their care.

Intellectual Copyright

It has always been the intention of Birthrate Plus® Consultants Ball and Washbrook to make this system available within the Health Service as we have done with the well established workforce planning system Birthrate Plus®.

We wish to assure fellow midwives and maternity services that;

  • The Birthrate Acuity system has always been a stand alone methodology which can be used to assess and analyse staffing needs, and to compare client needs and staffing availability whenever records are made during the working day.
  • The score system, instructions for use and calculation file are available from Birthrate Plus together with, if needed, email and telephone support.

For more information please contact:

Marie Washbrook