Acuity* Assessment For Risk Management; Measuring Client Need With Number Of Midwives Available In Labour Ward.

The Intrapartum Acuity tool is in use in Maternity Trusts up and down the country. It is an extremely valuable tool whereby midwives and managers can assess their potential staffing needs on an hour by hour or shift by shift basis.

For assessing initial and ongoing acuity, BR+(R) has produced a score sheet based upon the BR+ indicators to indicate the level of midwifery care required. This is completed on admission and can be updated at agreed intervals.

The excel score sheet is also used to capture other women admitted to the labour ward who do not give birth at that time i.e. Categories X, A1 (low risk antenatal) A2 ( high risk antenatal)

T = transfers out with midwife in attendance and R= women readmitted for some procedure.

The results are compiled by the tool indicating the staff required and the staff available

The score systems has been extensively validated with maternity services and endorsed by the RCM and NICE

The system can be used to compare on a regular basis the number of midwives required to meet the needs of the women in the labour ward with the number available.

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The volume of need for midwifery care at any one time based upon the number of women in labour and their degree of dependency.