Copyright and Licencing

The Term Birthrate Plus (R) is a registered trademark.

The name Birthrate Plus® was granted a United Kingdom trademark from September 2005 and this was followed by Irish, International and Australian Trademarks from 2007. In all cases the owners cited are Jean A Ball and Marie Washbrook.

Birthrate  Plus methodology has proven to be robustly applicable when applied internationally and both our workforce planning methodology and our acuity tools are available under licence to maternity services outside the UK NHS. The principle terms of the licence are to ensure our reputation for quality results can be maintained, in particular that investigation work will be carried out by experienced professional staff, using approved materials and that results will be provided to Birthrate Plus for quality control.

Costs of licences, including all training materials and associated software will vary according to the number of maternity units covered and the degree of continuing support required. For a specific quotation, enquires to

The Birthrate Plus Programme is managed via Birthrate Plus Associates Limited.

Led by Marie Washbrook Programme Director and supported by midwife facilitators, the programme provides expert advice and support to maternity services and clinical networks seeking to use Birthrate Plus to assess and review their staffing needs and quality outcomes.

Birthrate Plus Associates Limited also provides information on midwifery workload/workforce issues to Government Departments, such as the National Workforce Review Team and the DH Group on Recruitment and Retention of Midwives